The Centenary Parade

The perfect activity to enjoy !

The centenary parade is a unique opportunity to learn more about the development of the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps over the years. Safely at the wheel of your own car, you can launch an attack on the Raidillon, and drive along the current track before plunging back into the 60s. Masta, Holowell, Burnenville will no longer hold any secrets for you!



This experience takes place in 3 steps:


1. General welcome to the Circuit, and reminder of instructions.

 2. You take your place at the wheel of your own car and start your attack on the most beautiful Circuit in the world. First, the current track: Kemmel, Combes, Bruxelles, Speaker’s Corner, Pouhon, and so on. During the second lap, we will bring you onto the historic 14 km track: Burnenville, Masta, Holowell… 

 3. Return to the Blanchimont entrance where each participant will receive a small souvenir.


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1 ticket at €30 is valid for 1 vehicle on the selected date, duration of activity : +- 50 min.


Dates 2022

Wednesday 10 August



Practical Info:

The maximum number of persons per car = number of seats available in the vehicle.


Timing :

Arrival at the Circuit must be between 11:00 and 11:30 am for the set-up, via the SOURCE entrance.

Any vehicle arriving after 11:30 am may be refused access and will definitively lose their place.

Entry onto the track at 12:00 noon

End of the activity: +/- 12:45 pm



The parade is a low-speed drive (max 70 km/hr) and doesn’t have a sporty side.

Passing is forbidden as is creating gaps deliberately. It is also forbidden to drive in a dangerous or aggressive way (brakings, accelerations, zig-zags, etc.).

Any inappropriate behaviour will lead to immediate exclusion of the incriminated vehicle.


GPS Address : Route du Circuit 22 at 4970 Stavelot.

Please ensure you have enough fuel.

Reserved for 4-wheeled vehicles, except buses and coaches.

Booking is mandatory !


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Tel. +32 (0)87 29 37 00
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