Mission H24 - Hydrogen is promising

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Mission H24 - Hydrogen is promising
Mission H24 - Hydrogen is promising

There are no consumption or performance targets for Mission H24’s demonstration at Spa. The car on the track is a prototype (LMP3) that is still at the experimental phase. The development work has yet to begin.

So seeing the car complete its first few miles last January, and watching it set the pace as the leading car and clocking up top speeds of 300 kph is more than just promising.

Yannick Dalmas, driver of the leading car: “it’s a privilege to be part of such an event, to take the wheel of a hydrogen-powered car. I can assure you I was not at all worried about driving a car with hydrogen on board. Everything is perfectly under control with numerous safety measures and checks. The stealthy silence of the prototype as it leaves the pit lane is remarkable. It feels different to drive and I needed to have several procedures explained. For a machine that is yet to enter the development stage, the whole package is really promising. For a brand-new machine without any performance development, it’s really promising. More than all when you know that the only emission out of this car is water vapor! "

As a testimony for this very special day, the journalists and guests received a bottle of ‘Eau de Voiture’ collected from the exhaust of the LMPH2G. The following people were among the crowd at Spa for this first episode in the Mission H24 adventure and had this to say:

Nathalie Maillet, Managing Director of the Spa circuit: “We’re honoured that Spa is the venue for this world premier. We were eager to see the demonstration of a hydrogen racing car. It’s great that Spa is the launch pad for Mission H24." 

Pierre-Gautier Caloni, Vice President of Total’s Sponsorship and Racing division: “Once again, the competitive sphere serves as a superb testing ground to develop and boost the technology and the energy of the future and their applications. With a hydrogen-powered leading car on track, we’re making history here at Spa today."

Written by ACO