Individual Track Introduction sessions

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A track-introduction session is a unique opportunity to discover the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps from the inside, both as a passenger in a racing car in the hands of a professional driver, and then as the driver of your own car, while following in the trail of our Leading Car.


This unique experience runs in 3 phases:


  1. General reception, briefing and visit to the Race Control room, the nerve centre of the Circuit, normally off-limits to the public.

  2. You will then take your place as a passenger in our 265 HP race car and set off on the assault of the most beautiful Circuit in the world for two laps. At the wheel, our professional driver does his utmost to give you some amazing thrills. Adrenaline and strong emotions await you when you sequence the legendary braking at la Source, to descend, foot right to the floor, towards the Raidillon of Eau Rouge, where the blind exit propels you into Kemmel in a series, before having the tyres screech in the interminable double left of Pouhon and then the rush towards Blanchimont… Pleasure and thrills are guaranteed on this legendary track, even if our driver never puts you in any danger (minimum age= 16 years old).

  3. After these laps with feet to the floor, it’s your turn to test your mettle and play at the wheel of your own car for two more laps. You can even bring passengers with you (max. 4 persons). You will have the chance to do two laps of the circuit driving your own car, and with the opportunity of bringing friends or family with you (max. 4 passengers). These 2 laps will be made at a moderate speed following our Leading Car in order to ensure everybody’s safety, so it is not necessary to own a sportscar.


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€119 all taxes incl., duration of activity : +- 2hr30


Dates 2017

Monday 17 April -

 at 4: 15pm - SOLD OUT

Monday 8 May at 5: 15pm


Wednesday 19 July -

at 5: 15pm - SOLD OUT

Thursday 3 August - 17:15


Friday 4 August -

 at 4: 15pm - SOLD OUT

Wednesday 27 September  -

 at 4: 15pm - SOLD OUT

Friday 13 October -

at 5: 15pm - SOLD OUT

Saturday 11 November -

 at 9:15 am SOLD OUT

Saturday 11 November

at 2: 15pm SOLD OUT



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