19-21 mai 2017


As a great European classic racing event, the Spa-Classic will delight spectators from the 19th to 21st May next, both for the quality of races on the track and the events and activities happening off-track.

Once again this year the star race remains the Heritage Touring Cup which will be one of the highlights of the week-end. Add to that six other races on offer from Peter Auto, including Group C Racing and the most recent - the Euro F2 - as well as an event for invitees – the Formula Vee. The event presented by the Historische Formel Vau Europa will gather together single-seaters from the years 1964 - 1990 with VW 1200cc, 1300cc and 1600cc engines.

Classic Endurance Racing 1 - GT 1966/1974 & Protos 1966/1971

Classic Endurance Racing 2 - GT 1975/1979 & Protos 1972/1981

Heritage Touring Cup - Touring cars from  1966 to 1984

Sixties Endurance - pre-63 sport cars & pre-66 GTs

  Trofeo Nastro Rosso - Sport cars & pre-66 Italian GTs+ exceptional models by invitation

Group C - Protos from 1982 to 1993

Euro F2 – Formula 2, Formula B and Formula Atlantic from 1967 to 1978

Brand clubs/associations and passionate owners will, of course, be there in large numbers for this exceptional event. Seven track sessions lasting 25 minutes each will be devoted to them to let them (re-)discover the fabulous circuit of Francorchamps.

Finally, for the first time, six parades lasting 20 or 30 minutes reserved for GT1-type vehicles produced between 1994 and 2011 are offered by  Peter Auto and SRO.  This is an opportunity to see on track again the models which formed the race sets of the BPR (1994-1996), the FIA GT (1997-2009), the FIA GT1 World (2010-2011), and also to admire the  ultracars which were prepared for track-only use and some current hypercars or top 1% of supercars (by invitation). The sessions are not timed and no ranking is established based on these sessions.

Last but not least, there will be numerous activities to delight all ages: introduction and  initiation of the younger ones to driving, Slot Racing, etc. The general public enthusiast will be able to ramble around the Exhibitor Village, at the heart of the paddock. And for the 4th time, Bonhams will be there for a sale of  exceptional automobiles. And all this takes place in a convivial atmosphere  with music by strolling musicians.

All tickets give access to the general enclosure, paddocks and stands. Weekend tickets are valid for 3 days, including Friday.