Hotel des Bains & Wellness


Lac de Robertville-Haelen , 2

4950 - Waimes



Located on the south shore of Lake Robertville, in the Natural Park of the High Fens, a Natura 2000 protected area, the Hôtel des Bains & Wellness is a charming house typical of the Ardennes area. It has been transformed, renovated and decorated with care, taste and finesse. The contemporary style and the Chinese style artwork by the owners blend delicately with the old antique furniture. The lounges and a personalised welcome make this twelve bedroom hotel a delightful place that simply must be experienced.

Enjoying a strategic location on Lake Robertville, you are close to the SPA-Francorchamps circuit, 10 minutes from Malmedy and 20 from Eupen. The Hôtel des Bains & Wellness is located close to Reinhardstein castle and the natural park of the High Fens, an ideal starting point for walking and cycling. Discover all the attractions, events and historic sites that surround us.


Two charging stations for electric cars are at your disposal.