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The Circuit of Spa Francorchamps is located in the magnificent region of the Ardennes, in a natural, breathtaking, verdant setting. Near Fagnes and its highly-regarded landscapes, it offers you a range of very diversified activities:

  • Track introduction sessions
  • Guided tour of the Circuit
  • Go-Karting
  • Walks in Nature
  • Hydrotherapy (discover, in particular, the famous thermal baths of Spa)
  • Fine Gastronomy and Local Terroir Cuisine
  • Cultural activities
  • Museums (be sure not to miss the Musée du Circuit in Stavelot)
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping
  • Mountain-biking
  • Adventure sports
  • Discovery of the surroundings by helicopter
  • Parachute jumps
  • Road Tours
  • Bars

... and many other opportunities for discovery and fun. The Circuit and its facilities are also at your disposal for the organisation of private events, as a family or for a business organisation, or for the simple rental of rooms.

The Circuit and its surroundings lend themselves perfectly to exploration as a family or with friends, for one or several days, in a rich, fun and diversified setting.

To organise your stay and make life easier for you, discover all the info on restaurants and hotels in the region here.

The Circuit partners are at your disposal to make your stay absolutely unforgettable.


Land of Francorchamps: the richness of authenticity

A thousand and one paths starting from the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps will lead you to one of the many tourist jewels of the Province of Liege, a land rich in folklore, in its warm welcome and in its joie de vivre.

Reflecting the image of the legendary Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, including the car museum in the town of Stavelot which gives you a broad overview of its prestigious history, the Province of Liege thus brings its warm contribution to the world renown of Wallonia.

Subsumed under the label of the Blue Ardennes, like the blue of the omnipresent water in this corner of Belgium, the lands of Pays de Herve, Pays des Sources, Pays de Vesdre and the Cantons de l'Est, let you explore beautiful regions with enchanting attributes.

Website of the Office for Promotion of Tourism - Wallonia Tourism

Website of the Province de Liège Tourism Federation

Go-Karting enthusiasts can consult the website :


Around an abbey site classified as exceptional heritage of Wallonia, Stavelot shows the preserved face of an 18th-century city with its majestic Grand Place, its stone, half-timbered houses, its relics, its alleyways and its fountains.

The true historical and cultural heart of the High Ardennes, the town beats to the rhythm of its three museums and its ongoing cultural entertainment with a succession of exhibitions, international music festivals, of French song, jazz, storytelling, theatre and major folk festivals such as the Laetare of the Blancs Moussis, one of the most famous Belgian carnivals.

Formerly an Abbey Principality, the Pays de Stavelot is part of the great Ardennes forest. From the fens of Hockai to Coo, where the beautiful Amblève river rises, it offers magnificent landscapes and offers dozens of kilometres of walking routes that lead to peaceful hamlets by old legendary paths.

Throughout the centuries, nature and humankind have shaped the face of the Pays de Stavelot, a land of history and culture, but also and especially a welcoming land.

Website of the Stavelot Tourism Office


Located at the confluence of the Warche and Warchenne rivers, the city of Malmedy nestles comfortably at the bottom of an exceptionally green valley. Encircled and overlooked by its many villages, Malmedy is a major cultural and tourist centre of attraction.

The people of Malmedy also have an open and welcoming character and very festive spirit. Presumably, this is due to the cultural upheavals that the city has known during its history as a frontier town. In fact, the people of Malmedy have elevated the Walloon language and their local folklore to the rank of cultural richness and never miss an opportunity to come together to celebrate. The very colourful Malmedy calendar testifies to this always-very-alive folklore. Throughout these various pages devoted to the local tourism industry, you can visit the countless sites and curiosities of the region. You will have an overview of the many activities, walks and events that include the city and its surroundings.

Website of the city of Malmedy


Mother of all spa cities, the town of Spa, capital of the Pays des Sources area offers an ultra-modern centre dedicated to the pleasure of the senses through its ferruginous sparkling, and soft waters. Its golf course, its casino and its multiple walking routes can meet the tastes of one and all.

Website of the town of Spa

Website of the Pays des Sources

Website of Spa tourism


Witness of the technological know-how at the start of the great automobile adventure and trades in the weaving of wool, the Pays de Vesdre area extends to the gates of the city of Verviers, now more than ever the capital of water.

Website of the Pays de Vesdre

Pays de Herve

In the Pays de Herve area, green with majestic orchards, you willingly allow yourself to be seduced by the products of the terroir such as syrup, cheese, cider, abbey beer and pork products.

Website of the Pays de Herve