Le Val d'Arimont


Val d’Arimont Hotel – Resort *** is situated 3 km from Malmedy, at the foot of the Fens. It’s a calm and relaxing spot, where you can be at one with nature, and distance yourself from everyday life, a place where you can relax or work in tranquil surroundings without any noise or disturbances. Only 10 minutes from the circuit.

At the Val d’Arimont, you will have at your disposal :  36 Cottages (for 2 - 6 persons), VIP-Villa (for 10 persons), 20 hotel rooms ; a restaurant (120 persons) a sports center : indoor swimming pool with hammam and Jacuzzi, an outdoor swimming pool, 1 tennis court,  multi-sport facilities, 2 squash courts, mini-golf.

A dynamic team is waiting to help you make your stay as success.

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