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Adverse weather conditions at the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps: activities on the Circuit will resume on 8th June

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On Friday 4th June just after 3 pm an extremely heavy cloudburst obliged the circuit’s race management to immediately halt all activities, practice and qualifying sessions, in order to guarantee the safety of one and all.

Once the severe weather had subsided, the qualifying sessions were resumed up until 4 pm when a sort if tsunami flooded the circuit, especially at the level of the grandstands opposite the endurance pitlane. The cause of the flood was due to the fact that the Rohon, that discharges into the Eau Rouge, had overflowed its banks. Seeing the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps geographically lies in the concerned valley the excess water was forced to find its way towards the circuit.

In consultation with the organiser of the Spa Euro Race, the decision was taken to prematurely bring this weekend to a halt

Nathalie Maillet, CEO of the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps:

“My thoughts in particular go out the Pierre Delettre, the RAC Spa and all competitions and entrants who were taking part in Pierre Delettre’s meeting this weekend. As a result of the conditions, he found himself obliged to cancel the weekend. We took the decision with everyone’s safety in mind. The severe weather over the Circuit and the damage it brought with it, left us no other choice. Since Friday afternoon all our staff, as also our subcontractors, who have reacted positively, have been working hard to make the track driveable as soon as possible. On Saturday morning work activities resumed as from 6 am. I can therefore assure you that the circuit will once again be operational as from Tuesday.”

The track, at the level of the endurance grandstand, which due to the power of nature’s elements had been raised, is being re-laid. There is also damage to the sides of the track and a thorough cleaning operation is essential. The current of water not only brought water but also dragged a fair amount of soil and mud with it.

The stone walls in certain parts around the circuit have also been affected, among others at the level of the Eau Rouge, and at the exit of the ’24 Hour pitlane’. Here also the stone wall will be reinforced.

In addition, many areas of the Circuit have been flooded, among others the boxes and cellars, as also the Ster, Eau Rouge and Blanchimont tunnels.

The Circuit’s staff and the subcontractors are doing everything in their power to guarantee the resumption of the activities as from Tuesday.


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