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The public and exceptional events restored colour and vibrancy to the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps

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The track season in the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps finished on 14 November, and, undoubtedly, this was an exceptional season that drew in major crowds. A loyal public was accompanied by a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts. No fewer than 26 weekends  were devoted to races and sporting events took place on as many as 226 days. The rest of the season saw thousands of participants, both pro and amateur, take to the track for driving days.


The Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix will remain in everyone’s minds as it was a particularly successful edition, both on and off track. The event was completely sold out, bolstered by the exceptional passion of F1 fans. There were 360,000 supporters packing the grandstands for 4 days as well as on the grass and in the woods around the track. Fans had a wonderful time with a large number of activities organised in the fan zone including concerts and many other stimulating activities across the entire site. This 2022 edition of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix was a great success, due to the promoter, the public, the many local service providers whose expertise is now recognised beyond our borders, as well as the excellent collaboration between the Circuit and Spa Grand-Prix, with the teams acting as one.


With packed stands and a great amount of activities off-track, the 74th edition of the 24 Hours of Spa can also be considered to be one of the most memorable editions of the globally-renowned race. And the traditional parade in the streets of Spa has rarely attracted such a large crowd. The presence of Dottore, and Valentino Rossi, probably played a role in this.


The return of the world motorcycle endurance championship, the 24Hr SPA EWC Motos was also, of course, one of the high points of this year after large-scale works carried out during the winter break prior to the season opener. A first edition sportingly greeted by all the two-wheel enthusiasts of the world with a breathtaking final that promises to have a bright future on the Ardennes track.


The WEC  was not to be outdone with a thrilling race where the first part was particularly frenetic. There was a large attendance for the first race weekend of the season, who were the first to enjoy the new grandstand constructed at the top of Raidillon.


Unsurprisingly, weekends dedicated to the oldtimers were also a great success, both in the quality of the ranges and the spectators who had come to admire the veteran race cars.


These are just a few examples of a rich season coming to an end with memories that will remain engraved for all spectators thanks to events like the 25H Fun Cup, Spa Italia and Asia, the GT Open, DTM, 24H2CV, Benelux World Rallycross of Spa-Francorchamps and the Brûleurs de Gommes [Rubber Burners].


Amaury Bertholomé, CEO of the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps:

The 2022 sporting season at the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps will leave its mark as outstanding for spectators, organisers, promoters, journalists, service providers, and circuit workers who will once again have experienced a non-stop breathtaking year, animated by a succession of events organised with panache by organisers whose professionalism and loyalty to our formidable tool, and to its public  must be applauded.

The Circuit teams were committed to giving their best to make the circuit even more beautiful and safe. Work continues elsewhere to improve reception facilities for our spectators and our organisers. 

Along with Wallonia, our partner in the development of the Circuit, I am delighted that we could contribute to the international standing of out beautiful region


The Circuit can congratulate itself on this particularly successful season after having made major investments both on the track , in order to be awarded the double FIM/FIA track certification, and in the hosting infrastructure with the Raidillon grandstand. The involvement of the race organisers to ensure a show of choice for the loyal public is also to be highlighted.


Finally, let us note that the services offered by the Circuit have enjoyed an excellent  resurgence after two years marked by the restrictions linked to the pandemic crisis: over 1000 people experienced unforgettable thrills during our track-introduction sessions and another 1000 took to the track at the wheel of their own cars during the Public Driving Experiences organised by the Circuit. There were 10,000 visitors for guided tours, renewing the attendance record of 2019. Promising figures!


Although the track season has ended, the Circuit is not going into hibernation: guided tours and business activities are still taking place. Some news will be announced in the coming weeks on various topics such as works that will be taking place this winter to pursue the improvement in the reception and hosting of spectators or on environmental and energy measures.

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