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In the world of motorcycle stunts, he is a highly special case! For near on 12 years Mr Nogues has been defying the laws of equilibrium at the handlebars of super powerful machines! Always attired … James Bond style, he will be one of the stars of the 2023 edition of SpaItalia on Sunday 11th June on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps!

DG Sport continues to work hard at improving the quality of the entertainment being offered during the 20thanniversary of SpaItalia, Florian Jupsin, in the name of the organisation explained. The opportunity to collaborate with Mr Nogues came about, and no way could we let that slip through our fingers! The SpaItalia general public will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy his improbable ‘bike stunt and drift antics four times during the day. He will set the paddock alight at 11.00hrs, 14.00hrs, 15.00hrs and 16.30hrs. And we can guarantee that it will be an awesome show! “

Renowned for his videos that are a smash hit on YouTube, Thibaut Nogues performed his first wheelies on a … scooter, aged 15! It was the wake-up-call … Judging ‘bike stunts to be a true sport’s discipline, he made it a speciality, an art, winning the Stunt Bike Show back in 2010, the biggest French stunt event in those days. Since then, he has never stopped pushing back the limits of freestyle sportbike riding, travelling the world in search of new sensations. With his very smart look which is his trademark. 

A true international star is awaited at the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday 11th June. And we are definitely looking forward to it! 



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