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The Great Parade on the old circuit is back !


The Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps is a centenary that is doing like a charm. We remember that in 1921, it was indeed with a motorcycle race that the story of what was to become a world-renowned track began ! The triangular track linking Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot then had a length of 15.077 kilometres, which later on evolved into the new track.

In the collective memory, there are two distinct tracks : the 'Grand Francorchamps', used until the end of the 1970s, and today's Spa-Francorchamps, which has been delighting riders and fans ever since the beginning of the '80s.
Although it is no longer used for competition, the 'grand Francorchamps' can still be the subject of motorcycle tours. And DG Sport has not failed to take advantage of this in the various editions of the Bikers'Classics, in order to give a nod to history, and above all to delight the participants. Last year, unfortunately, the major works on the side of Masta had prevented this Great Parade.

Excellent news: these road works are finished now and during the Bikers'Festival, motorcycles of the past and the present will be able to (re)discover this track, which is responsible for some incredible pages of history…
« This parade is open to all participants, whether owners and riders of classic bikes or modern motorcycles taking part in the track sessions, but also participants of the Ardenne Moto Trail and the 1000 Virages, or even the enduro event of the ’2 Jours de Stavelot Revival’, explains Florian Jupsin, General Manager of DG Sport. Better still, visitors who come to the Bikers'Festival with their motorbikes will also be able to join in the fun and take on the old circuit. All they have to do is buy their participation ticket at the official Bikers’Festival Shop, for the sum of 20 euros. »

Burnenville, Malmedy, Meiz, Masta, Hollowel, Chefosse-Stavelot, Les Carrières, so many names that breathe history and the exploits of the greatest champions. Places where a certain tranquility has returned, but that are still open for tours. So, this parade on the 'Grand Francorchamps', are you up to it ? 

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