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The Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps unveils its new logo on the occasion of its 40th birthday after calling on students of the Athénée Royal Ardenne - Hautes Fagnes for its design.

Stavelot, 11 April 2024 - The Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps Museum, celebrating its 40th birthday this year, freshens up for the occasion by unveiling a sparkling new logo. The museum collaborated with final-year students in the Computer-Graphics department of the Athénée Royal Ardenne - Hautes Fagnes in Malmedy to design this remarkable new logo. The logo design mission was also an official part of their training.

The nine talented students were given free rein to show off their creative talents. The only condition was that the logo would be sufficiently timeless and also be easily applicable to differents supports: from business cards to posters, from museum personnel clothing to advertising panels or billboards.

Logo designed by Sasha Bertholet (18 years old) from Francorchamps was selected as the new logo.

The mission produced nine proposals, with each one just as original as the next. Thus, making a selection was quite difficult for the jury comprised of the volunteers who manage the museum on a daily basis. Nevertheless, one creation was able to wow them by its fresh appeal and its originality. This honour goes to the logo designed by 18-year-old Sasha Bertholet, from Francorchamps. Her project was unanimously chosen as the new logo.

"Sasha's proposal immediately charmed us. We think that it perfectly captures the essence of our museunm while still retaining a contemporary aspect", Jean-Claude Mathoul of the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps Museum said.. "We are really proud to adopt her design as our new logo for many years into the future".

The winning designer, Sasha Bertholet, explains: "In the logo, I've tried to combine different graphic elements that have a connection with motorsport. The logo is round, in reference to the stickers attached to racing cars to indicate the start number; the 'S' shape in its turn represents the globally-recognised chicane of the circuit; the red and white bands refer to the "check flag" of North Brabant and the fine red line represents the finishing line".

Sasha and her entire class, along with their teacher Mr Ben Amara, were welcomed this Thursday to the magnificent site of Stavelot Abbey, where the museum has been installed since 1984, and which is part of its permanent exhibitions. In recognition of her exceptional work, Sasha will not only see her design shine on all communications from the museum, but she and her classmates also received an award of €100 each.

Sasha Bertholet with her class during the presentation of her new logo for the museum.

The new logo also adorned the Porsche 356C from 1964 with which Vanina Ickx and Paul Van Damme participated in a two-day rally in the 2024 Patronale Life Classic Spring Roads.

About the Musée du Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps :
Nestled in the vaulted cellars of Stavelot Abbey in Belgium, Le Musée du Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, ASBL, founded in 1984, has been, since 2002 along with the Musée de la Principauté and the Musée Guillaume Apollinaire, one of the museum components of the Espace-Tourisme-Culture (ETC), Abbaye de Stavelot complex.
The museum attracts an impressive number of visitors every year. It offers visitors a captivating immersion into the world of motor racing, highlighting the exploits of legendary drivers and the technical advances that have marked the history of this emblematic sport. It tells the story of the Circuit's 102 years and how it has evolved over time. What sets it apart is its constantly evolving collection of cars and motorbikes. Each vehicle on display belongs to a private owner, and some are loaned out for a limited period only. The museum currently has 47 cars and 40 motorbikes on display, with a total estimated value of no less than 14 million euros.

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