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The works intended to obtain the double FIA/FIM official approval that will allow the return of motorcycle endurance to Spa-Francorchamps started on the 15th of November. A month before that the construction machines had started working on the area bordering the track.

These works are part of an overall strategy aimed at diversification of activities on the Circuit and the modernisation of its infrastructure and is divided into two main areas:

  1. The Track:

To host the 24H SPA EWC Motos on 4 & 5 June 2022, the FIM grade C official approval is required. The works essentially have to do with the expansion of run-off areas and the installation of gravel trap.

  1.  The infrastructure:

The Circuit's infrastructure is ageing. Thus, it has been decided to pair the works completed on the track with the vitally necessary work on infrastructure so as to have better facilities to host spectators.

We will keep you updated in a more detailed way every week about the state of progress of these works, for each of the sites, whether on track or off track.

  • Bruxelles (turn 8)

The Bruxelles corner will see part of its tarmac run-off  removed in order to enlarge the gravel trap.

  • Blanchimont (Turn 16 & 17)

The run-off platform of Turn 17 will be enlarged, a gravel trap created and the  rail moved.  Also, the tarmac run-off at Turn 16 will be transformed into a gravel trap. A  service road will also be created.

  • La Source (turn 1) and the 24H grandstand area 

The run-off at  Source corner is enlarged to strengthen track safety and a gravel trap will be placed there. The 24hr grandstand will be replaced, as a  second step, by a new more modern grandstand, that is better integrated with its environment.

  • Combes & Malmedy (Turn 6 & 7)

At Combes and at Malmedy, the run-off will be enlarged, the rails moved and the tarmac replaced by a gravel trap. New service roads will also be put in place

  • Raidillon et Eau Rouge (Turn 2 -> 4)

The top of Raidillon (Turn 4) will see its tarmac run-off enlarged on the right side of the track. The left part of the Raidillon (Turn 3) will make way for a larger tarmac run-off. As for the foot of the Raidillon, Eau Rouge (Turn 2), the rails will be moved to allow for enlargement of the run-off. A covered grandstand will then be erected at the top of Raidillon for the end of April, comprising 4,600 places and VIP boxes.

  • La Chicane (Turn 18 & 19)

Part of the run-off will make way for a gravel trap

  • Double Gauche (Turn 10 & 11)

Part of the tarmac run-off will be transformed to make way for a gravel trap.


More coming next week !

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